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'67 HCS Information

Hello, i'm new to finding and posting on your web forum and deeply appreciate the information you have assembled on the HCS mustangs.

I've had my HCS since i was 21, now 18 years, in the garage. Originally when purchasing the car i wanted to paint it a grey color but upon finding out it was 'different' i hung on to it and had it painted back to its original latex columbine blue color. A color to be honest i'm not all that fond of but have held on to. The car itself has been driven 400 miles since i've owned it and i believe, without looking, it has 125k miles on the odometer.

What i'm asking of yous is that should i not finish restoring this vehicle.. what would a '67 HCS be worth in a price range. It's a coupe, 289 engine, 3 speed transmission.. needs work but the engine runs as i start it twice a year and back it out of the garage and then back in. Just curious. Thank yous.
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