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Is registration still open?

Hi Paul. I saw that your deadline for submitting info to you for the book/registry is today 12/31/2007, please let me know if it's not too late. I forgot to mail you last week, got busy w/the holiday and all, and can send you my info via snail mail on Jan 3rd. I can email you a small Word doc with all the answers but wanted to ask first as you've specified snail mail due to attachment sizes. The size of the Word doc would be around 27kb, very small. My Marti report is already posted in that thread, let me know if you would need me to send that as well if you can accept via email. If not I totally understand and will snail mail from So Cal to you on the 3rd, I would tend to venture you'd receive the info within a couple of days after mailing.

Thanks Paul!

Happy New Year to everyone!
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