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No real answer (haven't spent any time on the subject) but would offer the following

1- Not all wheels have the FoMoCo on them. There were a number (like many of the parts for a Mustang) of companies that made wheels for Ford one being Kelsey Hays and they are marked that way

2- The coding does not relate to Mustang. None of the wheels installed on Calif Specials were made specifically for Mustang.

3-The wheels would not have a code that indicated what engine size they were to be placed on.

4-The examples "8ML, 8ME, 8MK" are more likely IMHO decoded as "8" = year and the last letter = the month. The "M" may be the company/plant that stamped the wheel. If you check early bumper dates they show a similar.same pattern.

5- There are many different stampings found on rims. Have you looked at the rim - under the tire. Often size and additional date codes (likely related to the rim stamping since you seem to have focus on the stamping codes of the centers)

Just some observations/thoughts ;)
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