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Arrow Rim Code Mystery

Guys and Gals

Does anyonehave the rim codes for our cars? Ford rims have markings on the front under the Ford logo and two letters on the reverse or brake side. Most have the "CC" code on the brake side. I have sets of "8ML" "8MK" and "8ME" There is Nothing on the internet. I have searched for hours. Some Chevy sites have rim code lists. They designate the date, plant and wheel cover. I know the 8 is for 68. I think the M is for mustang. I have no idea what the third letter is for or what it means. I don't know what the "CC" stands for on the reverse either.
If we could determine what codes are on say a J code as opposed to a C Code or R Code cars there might be a patern. My concern is that unless you are the original owner, rims could have easly been swaped out at a tire shop or simply replaced. My shop books only designate the part number. I am more interested in a J code car but I think if we could resolve this for all cars it would be a great restoration reference

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