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I am with Steve in I had to really absorb this. I owned a 68 Shelby GT 500 KR in the mid 70’s. Wished I had it back….

Another example of dollars driving our hobby. What a shame. SAAC and its owners are like Paul and this site, the ONLY reason that Ford and Carroll are able to profit from the legacy of these cars. As said earlier, SAAC is the corporate knowledge on these cars! Team Shelby will never be able to match the depth and detail retained in the SAAC membership. Team Shelby’s only hope is they will join. That may be a tougher sell than a new Corvette to a GT-40 owner….

To bad corporate greed can squeeze out the small guy, but it is his name as Steve points out. Isn’t SAAC responsible for a major percentage of the dollars Carroll was able to donate over the years? Of course they were. Did they not give him an annual event to rake in the bucks?? Yes they did. You would think he would have done better in this take over….. Yes, he should have!!

The only way to preserve the old heritage is to boycott Team Shelby. To not join this “club”. To continue under another name. FPCA!! Ford Performance Cars of America might work. Share nothing. Let Team Shelby attract the new cars! Offer the new cars a spot in their registry. Many of the new Shelby’s are owned by old or current Shelby owners!

What is next? Does this site lose the ability to call itself “California Special”? Will “Arnold” “terminate” our existence?? I hope not….

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