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(Hi Steve!)

From a legal standpoint, you're right, and the time I read your post was time well spent! :-P Hey!!

SAAC has/had a license from the Shelby Co. to use their logos, car names, promote the marque, and to just bolster CS's life's work. It was a "grandfathered" type of arrangement, and everyone was happy. SAAC promoted and preserved the Shelby heritage, even finding the most obscure details about cars and the men who built and raced them. They even have a "Shelby factory worker's group", supported by SAAC. This has been a very happy family for a long, long time, and the conventions were (are) awesome. Few clubs like that have open track for owners to run full out. Belonging to SAAC is a very proud thing to do.

What happened (in my opinion & observation) is that one or more of Carroll's business partners in the company suddenly saw BIG dollar signs at the 20,000 new Shelbys (Shelby GT, Hertz, GT-500, GT-500KR) being sold, and decided (in their infinite wisdom) to retake what SAAC had established, "divide and conquer" the Shelby world for themselves, and ONLY themselves. It's like a hostile takeover, and sure, it's their intellectual property to do so as they wish. It's just that SAAC has created and owns a lot of their own research and information that they compiled for all of those 33 years.

What has happened is like telling your brother that he can "have" your car for college. Then he restores your car, new engine, etc., and then after a few years you say: "hey, I want my car back now". Sure, it's your car, but, hey, it's your brother. This shouldn't be about the cold realities of the legal system, it's about a brotherhood of owners, and the whole world of what Carroll Shelby brought to us, and how SAAC rekindled, embraced and preserved that image.

As a result now, 5,000 members of SAAC are pissed off, and (I think) this will have nothing but a lot of bad blood between SAAC and CS. Some of these members are very affluent and influential, since they own half mil 427 Cobras, GT-40s, etc., and they could have a lot of influence. As we know, the divide between early and late model Mustangs & Shelbys will only deepen by having two clubs; which I think is totally silly.

There could always be improvement with any club, including SAAC, but you don't throw the baby out with the bathwater. DUH!!

This makes about as much sense as Ford yanking MCA's license, saying that they didn't promote the Mustang II. So, this is ALL about money, and taking over, with lame excuses at why SAAC didn't do this or that, and the falsehoods about the money they make.

(just my opinion)

Paul N.
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