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I had to think long and hard on this one. My gut reaction was that Shelby was being an idiot and appeared greedy. The Shelby owners have done a lot to keep Shelby in the limelight and made him a bucket of money in the process. Then the thinking started. I used to have a home based business, with a business license, logo registered with the state, etc. About a year after I started, another individual started an indentical business, no lic., and used my logo and acronymn, but changed 2 of the 4 words in the name with words with the same first letter and meaning the same thing. I had to threaten a lawsuit to get him to stop. Bottom line, I've decided that whether it's a smart decision by Shelby or not, it's his name and he has a right to determine how it's used. That's just my opinion and probably worth less than the amount of time you spent reading it.


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