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Hi again Joe!

Don't worry about being new to the CS and HCS world of Mustangs. Most of here were newbies at some point. We're all just trying to assist to get the info you're searching for. As you have already read it's not a black and white answer without the reports or other documentation or numbers, etc.
That's why everyone was asking for that info.

As people have mentioned there has been a lot of research done to identify production timelines and other information. The dates you quoted would initially indicate that it's not a factory High Country Special (HCS).
But stranger things have happened.

So yes, it's possible this wasn't an original factory HCS or CS for that matter. In time we'll help you figure it out one way or another. You came to the right place for information on these cars.

For your sake, I hope you weren't lead down the wrong path by the seller. I'm pretty sure I can speak for the others here that they feel the same way.
We all are very vigilant in making sure these cars are represented properly every chance we get, whether being sold, bought or anywhere else. Sometimes we're pretty exuberant in our efforts as you have experienced. Nothing personal.
You purchased what we assume you were told was a High Country Special.
For all we know the prior owner was told that as well. So let's do the research and go from there.

At this point you've bought the car and whatever the outcome it's your choice to make on what to do with the car.

We've seen everything from people finding out they didn't buy an authentic car and I believe enjoyed the car as a clone. And I think we've seen people that have actually had a High Country Special that was restored to a California Special. So there are all different scenarios.

"Also I did notice is that the striping on the rear spolier goes around the Mustang emblem. Not across the top edge like with the California Specials."
I'm not sure what you meant about the stripes. I'd be curious to see pictures of this.

I'm not sure what the report you have is. It sounds a lot like the info on a Deluxe Marti Report but I'm guessing it doesn't say on it anywhere that it's a Marti Report.

Some of that info is on the Ford Customer Assistance Center History 999 report, but I didn't think the dealer was listed on those.

Could it be an original invoice or build sheet of some type (anyone?)
Again - seeing this would really help if that's possible.

I think the 15M indicates December 15th. The M indicates December. I think the months were indicated as A=Jan, B=Feb, etc ... if I remember right they skipped "I" so it wasn't confused with a "1". So that makes M the 12th month.

You haven't said if you're familiar with Mustangs or older cars for that matter so if anything anyone has asked for doesn't make sense, don't hesitate to ask! Like I said we were all newbies at some point (well most of us at least )

I can't tell you how many times I needed an explanation on how to find the VIN number on the back of the engine block. I even asked for sample pictures. I thought I had to take half the engine apart to find it. Once I found it I felt silly asking so many times but hey now I can explain it to someone else.

I live in Dutchess County and work in Westchester County so we're not too far apart.

Good Luck!!


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