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Originally Posted by 1968 HCS View Post
Hi. Thanks for checking out my question. I've posted information on my page.
The car is a 1968 HCS. It's D5 acapulco blue, 6B decor blue buckets, 289 2v, C4 Cruise o matic trans., 2.79 axle, 51 Denver District, P/s, P/b, Upeer and lower console. Built 12/67 in San Jose, CA. Good condition needing floor and some assembly. All parts are with the car to complete. Did all 1968 HCS's come with the hood pins and fog lights? This car dosen't have either one.
I'm curious to what this could be worth in as is condition and totally restored.
I've posted a picture in my gallery.

Thanks for your help,
Hi Joe,
First off, Welcome to the site!! I see you're new here!

You'll find a lot of good information on the site as you may have already noticed. Check all the sections, not just the forums for info and and there plenty of us here on the forums that can help out too.

We'll do our best to answer your questions. But we need some more info on the car.

If you could post the VIN number and data tag info that would be helpful. While that can't confirm a car is an HCS or GT/CS it could help us figure out if it isn't.
Only a Marti Report can confirm if it's truly an original HCS or GT/CS from the factory.
(excluding original build sheets or original owners)

Do you have a Marti Report for the car?
Are you familiar with them?

Where did you get the Build Date and DSO and other info from? It seems like from a Marti report but please confirm.

If you have a report, do you have the ability to scan in the report and post it? Or maybe take a picture of it and post it?

If you can supply us with some additional info we'll try to answer your questions and help you confirm if it's a true HCS or not. Without all the info it's difficult to assist.

By the way - where about are you in NY? I'm in NY as well.


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