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Originally Posted by GTCSMustang View Post
I wasn't aware they made any HCS cars that early (12/67). Bob Teets...what do you think?

NO brainer here, as far as I'm concerned. Ford DIDN'T produce ANY '68 HCS Mustangs until June of '68. Why the heck don't you post a vin number? And/or the complete vin info from the door tag AND the windshield tag letters and number. I see in your picture gallery that your car does have a HCS decal on the rt. side scoop, but that doesn't mean SQUAT. No lamps and no hood locks??? Come on, I hate to burst any bubbles, but I don't know if even a Cal Sp. was built that early ie. 12/67???????? Talk to us some more, huh? Bob Teets here. What do the rest of you people have to say???
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