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Re:2008 GT/CS and HCS Anniversary Show

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Hi, Dave. This is Chris Kreiner, the guy with the fake GT/CS convertible that you met yesterday at the gas station somewhere in eastern TN. I obviously took your advice and got a user ID for this board. Sign me up for the reunion. After the 1100 mile round trip this weekend (work plus the Nashville show), I'm confident my GT/CS will make it to California if necessary.

It was nice meeting you and your great looking car.

Best regards.

Welcome to the site. Didn't get a chance to see your car at the show, would have loved that. Was running around too much and looking at all the stuff. I noticed your from NC. My son lives in Cary, NC and I usually drive back to see him and my grandson each summer. It would be great to maybe see if we could hook up when I come back this summer and I could get a look at your car. Hopefully, if everything goes good I will have all my interior done in the next few weeks. As for the GT/CS and HCS gathering, it would be kinda neat for those of us on the east coast to hook up and drive to it together. What a site to see all those special car's in a group going some where. Owner, 68 GT 390 Coupe and 68 GT/CS 390 4 speed.

Don ;D 8)
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