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Re:2008 GT/CS and HCS Anniversary Show

What's up? It was great to meet you and see your car. Great looking machine. I to had the pleasure of meeting Bob Teets and agree, he is a super fellow. Was able to gather a great deal of info from him and he also has a great looking machine. Hopefully, next time we meet I'll be able to show you my GT/CS. Had a thought today on the way home - We are next door neighbors - Would be great to cruise to a show in your area this summer and maybe plan a get together. As for the show, would have been much better had we not had to park in rocks and gravel. All I could hear when pulling in was stones bouncing off my exhaust. Either way still had a great time and wouldn't trade the experience for anything. Sorry, kinda got off the subject of this post. Organizing a get together for the GT/CS, and HCS car's would be great. I'm sure there would be plenty of interest. I'm willing to help in anyway I can, just let me know.

Don ;D ;D ;D
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