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Re:2008 GT/CS and HCS Anniversary Show

Hi Chris! Welcome to the site! Thanks for the compliments on the car, I enjoy driving it alot. Lets face it all, we love getting the attention! hehe
To all the old timers on this site, Chris is a super guy I met on the way back from Nashville. I pulled up behind him at a gas station near Bristol (I think, long drive) and walked up to him to ask about his GT/CS convertible. Lol, the first thing he said was that it was a conversion, that Ford never made a GT/CS convertible. I kinda laughed and agreed, then pointed to my car on the trailer, explaining that I was kind of a fan as well. Anyways, we both agreed that Ford SHOULD have made a convertible model! Chris's was very well done and looked terrific! And he was driving it, rather than trailering it to the show, my hats off to him! So I would appreciate it if everyone would welcome Chris as a new member, we can use all of the fans we can get, and Chris's car is certainly an attention getter!
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