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Re:Grille for GT/CS/HCS on ebay

I actually spoke with him outside of the business world, and he informed me of his manufactoring process way before he started producing the grills.

He molded and crafted them himself, and I can't deny that they are of a good quality. He's making a lot of other reproduction parts as well.

The unfortunate behind it is his lengthly turn around time. He usually sells the grills on ebay, get your money - then using the money buys the parts and materials, makes the grills, then sends them out. I would imagine that's why it takes so long.

If he did business right, he'd take a chance and invest a little.

Not to mention I had a cracked steering wheel and sent it to him for repair. It came back looking great, until about a week later. The paint chipped off, the wheel cracked worse, and now the red primer he used is showing through and it's a total clash. Lesson learned.

In the future - I'd rather take my business elsewhere. Unless he starts showing a more professional approach, I advise everyone else to take their business elsewhere as well.

I'm glad everything turned out good for everyone - it'd be a dissapointment to have not received the grills at all....(like others of us have had happen on Ebay)

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