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Re:Grille for GT/CS/HCS on ebay

I have had some problems as well. I had seen a GT/CS grille on Ebay and missed out on it . I e-mailed wanting wanting to buy a grille. He contacted me and I accepted his priice. That was in Feb. I mailed the money. anticipating my griile soon. Time past and no grille or reply. I emailed agin and recived a reply that it would be mailed in a week. More time past and then I saw a GT/CS grille on Ebay. I was pissed, no grille and he had one on Ebay. I finally I recived another e-mail that my grille had been shipped. I finally recived it Thursday. It took almost two months.
I must admit that the grille is very nice it looks great on my car. I told him that the only thing about out sale I didn't like was the communication. Mr Shellby Dallas appalogised for the communication problems. I belive that he makes great parts and would buy from him again.
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