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Michael Carlson

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How do you identify 302 California Special heads from normal 302 heads

I have a question, I hope someone can help me with. I recently purchased a set of 1968 ford 302 heads and matching 4 barrel intake and carb. Supposedly the heads are gone thru and ready to bolt on. I purchased the heads because they have a pipe plug port above the exhaust port and a tube running down to the valve. The gentlemen that I purchased them from said that they are off a 1968 California Special Mustang. I purchased a 71 Maverick Grabber from him which was stored for 23 years, and I purchased all of his ford parts.
I am no expert on this subject and look forward to a reply. I have no use for these heads, I mean I could use them, but I'm sure someone restoring a 68 California Mustang could put them to better use.
thank you,
Michael Carlson
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