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Re:Grille for GT/CS/HCS on ebay

[quote author=1 GT/CS link=board=1;threadid=852;start=0#msg4737 date=1081185046]
well the guy only has 8 feed backs, and so much for the once in the life time grille, he must be making like 1 grille every 2 months or something ???. hey 68gt390 so meaning the legal system? so you have already talked to a lawyer then i take it? yes plz keep us updated ;D

Haven't talked to a lawyer yet. So far I've filed a report/complaint with the State Attorney General's Office here in my home state as well as a report with the National Internet Fraud Information Center. Am currently waiting on a court date to file with Small Claims here with my local court who in turn will forward a judgement to the courts in his area. There is also a few other things I've done that I won't go into detail on at this time. Once things are done rest assured I'll let folks know.
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