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As all you do with your 68's, my 07 has the same responce. I was at my daughters this past week and when my Granddaughter was getting off the bus, they said to her, Wow, who's car is that and she told them, it's her Grandma's they couldn't believe a Grandma drove a sports car. My Grandson came home a wanted to drive mine, but of course, not without me. He got a call on his cell asking what was he doing, he told them, driving my Grandma's car, and you see, it was my 07 GT/CS. These GT/CS either be it the 68's or the new ones, always head turners.
And I hads to have the oil changed in it this past week as well, but was at another dealeraship than I go to, as I was on vacation. A salesman said what an awsome looking Mustang, and the one who was in charge of the oil change, said the California Special Mustangs are the best.
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