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Yes, you will need to add a couple studs. They are generally in the ďcenter of the scoop. Before you do this, I might fit them to the car. Some of the less expensive scoops do not fit well and take a lot of work. Tony Branda has the best fiberglass in the business in my opinion. I have one on my car and it fits great.

If you use you current scoops you will need to match your stud and a new hole in the car. You will need to remove the rear window regulator and glass to install eventually, so you might as well do it now. Paulís book has a great pic of the hole in an original car. It is not very graceful looking and most appear like they were punched with a large punch of some kind, from the outside, after the car was coming down the line. They are quite large in some cases. So donít fret if you use a large washer or two to attach to the car.

I loved my sorta clone car. It was a 67 with a 250 six and a toploader 4 speed. I put the rear spoiler and end caps on. No t-bird taillights. Had a 69 Mach One hood scoop and blinkers. Front spoiler. A real fun driver and faster than one would think.

Good luck and make it yours!!! Remember to never miss-represent it if selling. With the prices of GT/CSís these days, you could end up in court!

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