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Tough choice: S-code 1967 GTA fastback or S-code GT/CS?

I recently purchased a 1967 GTA Fastback S-code for restoration, The car is complete but needs a total restoration. I have the opportunity to buy a 1968 GT/CS S-code 4-speed California Special. I already have someone interested in the fastback in case I decide to sell. The GT/CS needs a paint job and engine detailing. Which one should I keep? I like the fastback style but would have prefered the 4 speed. I like the California Special because there were few made with the Big Block and its also a true GT. The matter of fact is that I can only have one due to finances and garage space, Please let me know your opinions on which one to keep and why? The opinions are all welcome and will determine my final decision. Thanks to all who take their time to reply.
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