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Not for me. I followed all traffic laws to and from the party. ~500 miles each way.
Ever seen the movie "Vanishing Point"? Was that a white GT/CS, or a Challenger? Or was it just a blur with a black stripe. I don't know how Joe "STUFFED" those HUGE back tires in there.


Too awesome to recount in this first post, but it was really great! The big celebration was enhanced by the arrival of Bob Teets and his 428 CJ--HCS.

I took 1.5 hours of video, and a full gig of digital photos--mostly for the book.

Some VERY nice cars this year. I got to meet Don and Frank, and many new people. Some wonderful stories, too. I had a great chat with the Sprinkles, about GT/CS Geneology--through ownership(s).

Mike and Robinette were wonderful hosts, too.

Today (Sunday), Mike and Bob and I did a lot of technical stuff pouring over the 390 and 428 cars in the driveway. Some things I'll need to ask owners about--how it is on their cars.

It was great to see Cal Gal, and Marion, Donna (!!), and Club Pro, and so many others.

And...Joe, you deserve those Lucas Lights...since you're such a great guy.

More to follow-- I'm off to L.A. for a research trip for the GT/CS book this week! Pretty exciting things to tell you later when I get back.


BTW--was looking at my notes with Lee Grey (1988), and (DUH!!) found where he said that the cars were built in batches of 250-300 at a time at the factory. Specific "GT/CS" days at the Milpitas plant. You may have a specific build date--but it could vary by two weeks. We now need to identify which build dates were "lumped" together. More on this later.

...And for Casey and others, we saved you some tri-tip and potato salad, and sent it to you via UPS "ground"'ll LOVE it when it gets there in the 100deg. heat! YUMM!

We thought of you all. Please make it next year!

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