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Thank You All!!!!!!!!

It was a wonderful day. It started on Monday, when Steve and Jennifer Chapman (1968CAL) from Campbell, Ca. arrived with their Beautiful GT/CS dropped the car off for a week of storage. Then, on Friday, Bob Teets (HighcountryBob) and His long time friend Russ Stearns arrived with Bob's CJ HCS. Saturday morning started early for Robinette and I, When at 0'dark thirty we were up and preping for the days event. I was out at the break of day putting up signs along the highway pointing the way to the house. Tim O'Brien (Midnight Special) made some beautiful laminated signs for us.

Neil Hoppe (Franklin Air) arrive at 0730 and Helped us with the coffee and doughnuts. The Cars started to arrive at 0930 with Tims entire stampede of horses. Don Potter (68gt390), Marion Tucker (CalifGirl), Donna Culwell (DeiselDonna), Renne Foster (Ponygal) were all in the herd. Tim brought out two of his Mach 1s, and put the herd out to pasture for the day.

Soon, Jeff Miller (Miller511) arrived with his just completed 347 Stroker GT/CS. Boy, He woke up my neighbors when he fired it up to pull it off the trailer. LOL. Jeff, Great Job.

Ron and Sandy Davis (Bztz4m) arrived with their 07' GT/CS and put it in place. What a beautiful car.

As the morning progressed, we would just be getting one car into place, and you would hear a familiar rumble coming over the hill, and here would be 1-2-3 more GT/CSs coming. I got word Joe DeLos Santos (JoeDls) was not going to make it as he had ignition problems. I was bummed. Then, I heard a familiar sound of a blower, and looked up and saw Joe pulling in. During the night, he had a vision, got up, fixed the problem, and I'm sure obeyed all speed laws coming from SoCal. RIGHT!!!!!!!!!

When all cars were in place, we had one HCS, 24 68' GT/CSs, two 07' GT/CSs, three Mach 1s, one clone, and approximately 75 fantastic folks from all over the country. Phil Condict was the Chef for the day, and cooked 15 huge TriTip roasts, 14 #s of chicken, 24 burgers and a butt load of hot dogs. We have no leftovers, it was all consumed. Folks brought all kinds of side dishes.

Tim O'Brien did a fantastic job setting up the Fly-Over. He was in the camera ship taking photos of the show. The pilots arrived for lunch and enjoyed the cars, as well as meeting the folks on the ground. BRAVO Tim and RYDER FLIGHT GROUP, Rudy Rudolph, Steve Wilson, Gary Guilliat, and Bob Hobert. Photo Ship pilot Keith Thomasen did a great job keeping a stable photo platform for Tim.

Paul Newitt made a beautiful tri-fold display board with photos, fliers, artwork, etc. Sorry Paul, I haven't seen it, don't know where it is, I have no recollection of that Senator!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Paul.

Tim's son TJ was very helpful helping my mom with all her needs. He constantly was making sure she had water, food, etc. My Mom needs a walker to get around, and he was awsome with taking care of her. THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH TJ!!!!!!

Bob Teets brought several items for a raffle, and one of the best parts for me was when a young man, Brad Risdal won a set of side scoop screens. He just asked me a few weeks ago where he could find screens for his GT/CS as his were all crusty and damaged. Someone was smiling down on Brad.

The party started to break up around 7:00 PM, and the last to leave at around 10:30. Another fine day, and another History making event.

Robinette was passed out on the couch when I finally ventured into the house after securing the yard. My kids Amber (C/S BRAT), Marissa, and their boyfriends, Chris and Rich, ran their butts off all day, with parking cars, helping with the food, etc. Thank you all SOOOOOOOO MUCH.

I will let Amber post the pictures she took. Again, Thank you all for a wonderful day and the memories. We hope to have a bigger event next year. Stay Tuned. Mike and Robinette Jewell

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