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Bringing this thread alive again with some questions on paint color for the engine. I wanted to touch up a few spots on my 289's engine and bought the Plastikote Ford Blue #224 Engine Enamel.

It's definitely darker than the blue on my 289 and I'm pretty sure it's probably darker than my 302 as well but need to do a side by side comparison to confirm the 302 still.

How common (see Jeff's post) was it for engines to be painted different shades from different factories?

My 289 I know was from Ontario - I don't recall the 302 engine's build plant at this time.

I think I'm going to go buy the Old Ford Blue #205 color and see if that matches. I don't want to paint the whole engine now since I'm not pulling it just want to touch up a few spots. I'll see if that is a better match.

I guess it's possible the engine was painted the lighter color at some point over the last 40 or so years. It doesn't seem like it but maybe it is. And if the 302 doesn't match either than it's common I guess for people to use the wrong blue.

I'll let you know if the Old Ford Blue #205 matches or not.

Any thoughts on this?


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