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Engine Tag Question

I found a few threads discussing Engine Tags but I have a specific question.

I was looking over the numbers on my 289 Automatic CS and I was trying to decode my Engine Tag (see attached).

The tag has the following information.
289 E 68 16
L20 K 236-J

I have decoded this to mean the following using Bob Mannel's book "Mustang & Ford Small Block V8's" and a few other online sources

289 = Engine Displacement
E = Assembly Plant (Windsor Ontario)
68 = Model Year
16 = Change Version (I think 16 was the highest for the 289)

L20 = Date of Manufacture, in this case November 20th (they didn't use "I" to avoid confusion with the number 1)
K = Engine Prefix Code
236-J = Engine Code

Now for my question... The date of November 20, 1967 (L20) seems early to me. I'm assuming it is 1967 since the 68 model year would have started in August of 1967 and the 1969 models would have started production in August of 1968.

I checked the VIN number on the top of the engine and it matched the car's VIN (see other attachment).
So to me this means the engine is original and my assumption is the tag most likely is as well ... maybe not a good assumption on my part.

One other thing that caught my eye is the intake manifold casting, according to Bob Mannel's book and another website mine has the casting number for a 65-67 289 4V or 302 2V model. The Intake Manifold casting on my car is C60E 9425-B. The book states this is for a 289 4V and HiPo. Mannel's book has C60E 9425-A for the 65-67 289 2V and 302 2V. The casting for 68-69 should have C8AE 9425-B
I guess it's possible the intake manifold was replaced at some point or they could have put a different one on at the factory.

My question was more about the engine tag manufacture date. Does November 67 sound too early?
The car's manufacture date is 3/21/68 and was serialized 3/7/68.

Also - my 302 4V Engine Tag seems to have a manufacture date of April. I'm having trouble seeing that one due to where it is mounted. That car was built on April 30th.

Curious to get thoughts on any of the above. Sorry for the long post.
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