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Originally Posted by Midnight Special View Post
Thanks Rob for the insightful comments. There are indeed alot of wives tales and admittedly, that's all I have to go on sometimes until educated otherwise.
Your "backing" with experience and research is refreshing. 'Curious now of your opinions re: best lubrication/ motor oils... Perhaps on another thread. As I'm more in the "Sunday driver" category, I'm always looking for the best maintenance and preservation methods.
Always been a Castrol man. Run syntech in my cars. Royal Purple and Red Line make the stuff now days.

Mustang and Fords and Dave Bliss a local builder of engines in the Northwest did some dyno pulls with all conditions the same and only changing the oil. Dave's was an engine only and at the crank it developed 7 horsepower more on a 2,300 CC Ford motor for an Indy "light" car. Purely in reduction of friction! Less friction, less wear.

The Mustang and Ford article took a 64 comet with a 347-stroker and manual trans and posi rear end. Drained all the petroleum products out of all and replaced with synthetics Royal Purple. Can't remember the number but a significant increase on a rear wheel dyno.

Most cars normally operated will go for years on just regular old oil. Keep it clean and you are good to go. Most of us are lucky to put 10k on a car in 10 years. But if you want that extra pampering and wear protectionů. Only takes a bunch of money.

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