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Donít want to take over this thread on our cars but.

Deck height at max height. 12.5 to 1 forged pop-ups. Old school 69 351 Windsor castings. 2.02 and 1.60 valves. Been to Dave Bliss in the Northwest twice. Extreme porting on the exhaust/intake side and port matched to my Weber manifold with 48 IDAís. Guide castings completely removed in the ports. Done a long time ago before the availability of Aluminum heads. Heads decked nearly .060 and combustion chamber build and reconfiguration to bring the heads into the 52 CC range all chambers. Steel shim caskets with minimum crush. Estimated to be in the 13 to 1 range. More than 12.5 to 1 but maybe in between. Old school Hipo rods with ARP throughout. Shot peened ect. Windage tray and so on. Assembled by myself.

When I ordered the Webers from Inglese I special order a solid roller for it. Cam Techniques designed the cam for my 2.78 toploader and 4:11 gears. Told them I wanted engine to be all it could be between 0 and 7,500 RPM, which is the MSD chip limit. Been against it many a time. Mallory Unilight set at 18 degrees initial with 38 to 40 total. No vac advance. Pulls like a big block and makes power from 1,800 up. Like a water faucet through the power band.

Cam is .547 on both valves. .130 clearance between the exhaust and the piston. 107 degree lobe separation. 280/280 advertised and .242 duration at .050. But remember how steep a solid roller ramp is. Amazing quick lift. Totally different profile than a flat tappet or even a hydraulic roller. Lazy, missy sounding idle at 1,200 RPM. Still develops enough vacuum to run power brakes. Totally streetable. Pulls away from a light with no effort at all. Certainly the gears help. Sounds like a Maserati at full chat!!

Stock Ford starter rolls engine very easy. There is little cranking compression in comparison to a stock motor. About 130 all cylinders. Part of the effect of the overlap and steep ramps. The effect of large cams with lots of duration seems to reduce the effect of pinging. Must be the slow build of compression as RPM increases.

I had a stock ďJĒ code motor with the 48 cc heads and a stock cam. What a bear to run on todayís gas. Donít talk about Cleveland engines. Ping cityÖ

Got a pic or two in my gallery of the engine and the car. Builds RPM like a motorcycle. Has not been on the track. It will run away and hide from my Cobra Jet Wagon with 2,500 stall and 3:70ís. Cobra Jet has been cammed and all roller valve train. Sidewinder intake port matched.

Not sure if it is as fast as yours but it is somewhere in the 12ís. Years ago I had a dual quad 428 in it and it ran 11.98ís at 117 mph. Not sure if it is that fast but it isnít far off. Hard to tell

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