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Originally Posted by lwlw View Post
The dealership we bought the car from is out of business.
Interestingly enough, it is now open at the same location with a very "similar" name and owned by the brother of the 1st owner. Both Larry and I have personally talked with him and received assurances that his brother would contact us. We stopped thinking this would occur after days, weeks and months passed.
We have been advised legally that since the original owner has closed the business and the current business has a new dealer #, we have no recourse.

This business is currently selling cars on eBay. Hopefully ours is an isolated incident and no one else will end up in the same situation.
...Reading all this makes me feel very sad for you folks. Very sorry.

As this X-code is cherished like a "family member" as you say, and if it has brought you so much joy - why sell it? and why not enjoy it for what it brings you (investment aside)? What else can you do except taking Mike's advice with hopes of confirming and maybe getting the original VIN back...
'Longshot, I know, but it appears to be a beautiful car. The general admirers don't have to know her full story. I get as much pleasure from my clone as I do the originals, yet, my originals get picked apart by so called experts just as much. I don't care - I love them all. Your's is a beauty!


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