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I would just like to respond to your comments:

"We were allowed to drive the car home being told that neither VIN came up stolen, scrapped, destroyed or had any other "flag.""

...Probably is ONLY for the state of Illinois. Since this car was in another part of the Midwest sometime between 1990 and 1996, there "could" be a red flag about it's history--outside of Illinois, "somewhere".


"We apologize to the educated community who feel that our actions show naivity and ignorance. We are just honest people who added a beautiful new "baby" to our family only to find that she really wasn't what was originally represented to us."

I don't think that anyone would fault either one of you for this. How would you know? How many of us go pulling our fenders off to be sure we have a "legit" '68 GT/CS VIN? It was just bad luck, and I'd sure like to know how this car got the way it did.

Again, my sympathy for the both of you, and how something you loved, turned out to be so unfortunate.

Paul N.
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