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First, Larry and I need to thank Paul for everything that he is doing to help us.
When we purchased "Lucy" it was from a recognized classic car dealer with a large inventory. We did not feel we knew enough to buy through a personal sale. I have the original internet ads from the dealership and from where they verify that the car is in fact authentic and in the registry. We pulled a Marti report before completing the sale to verify against the VIN that we were told belonged to the car. Perhaps this was not enough, but we thought going to a legitimate dealer with a license to sell was protection enough from this type of issue. (We refrain from calling it fraud due to legal reasons but our feelings at this time make us wonder.)

Earlier this year we thought we might want to sell "Lucy" so we took it to a classic car dealership in the burbs of Chicago. We had made the final payment and had a clear title under the x-code VIN. Several days after dropping the car off, Larry received a call from the owner stating that he had found another VIN on the inner fender as Paul indicated. Personally, I don't know why he would be digging for this, but I am sure that it will be a question that will never have an answer. He informed us he would not sell the car without us straightening out the matter.

Being honest people, we made arrangements to take the car to the Illinois Secretary of State Police. We were told by the inspector handling the case that he had never run across this before and seized the title and VIN tag. We were allowed to drive the car home being told that neither VIN came up stolen, scrapped, destroyed or had any other "flag."

At this point we have taken all the steps that we know of to secure an NSRA inspection sheet and have taken the car to multiple IL SOS offices that do titles and registrations. No one seems to know what we are talking about and basically sends us on our way.

We apologize to the educated community who feel that our actions show naivity and ignorance. We are just honest people who added a beautiful new "baby" to our family only to find that she really wasn't what was originally represented to us.
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