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Hey Jeff,

In 1996, like all the other cars in the Registry (and before the advent of the Marti Report), I was totally unaware of the status of this GT/CS. What and how all of this happened is still a mystery. Data I got was just what people sent, and hard to confirm on an individual basis, especially back then.

In the new Registry, I'll probably treat the X code CS as a "destroyed" car (as it seems), and that the parts re-appeared on the '67 VIN'd Mustang.

I wouldn't want to mislead anyone otherwise. I guess I wasn't clear.

I just think that some states are better/worse than others about DMV, titles, etc.
I have a friend in Wash. st., that Vehicle inspectors got real snotty with him, and almost ruined the fender looking for the Ford VIN on his '67 GT-500 Shelby, worth six-figures. Washington Inspectors weren't up on the Shelby-Ford VIN differences, and how they correlated.

Yes--this does happen a lot, and I agree about the "buyer beware" aspect.

I just hate to see good folks taken for a ride with all the hassle. There is a lot emotional attachment involved--despite these hard realities. It's not like a daily-driver Toyota or anything....

Thanks for your comments and advice.

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