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Well, after two long years of working on the car, and a lot of last minute prep, we were off to Concord, Ca. for the first show ever. It was the debut of "Project Something Special". Loaded on the trailer, I checked the chains several times, all while my Beautiful wife was washing the "Orange Blossom Special".

We arrived in Concord about dusk, and unloaded the car. We couldn't take the field until the next morning. As it turns out, as chance had it, our cars backed up to the only other GT/CS on the field. Great People from Eugene, OR. A lot of "Spritzing", "Licking", and more Rubbing. We were about as ready as we were ever going to get. The judges showed up and spent about 45 min. to an hour going over the car, and I was a nervous wreck. When he was done, I asked how I did, and he said with a smile, "That's Top Secret".

We enjoyed a wonderful weekend and met a lot of fantastic people, including several other GT/CS owners who we invited to the August BBQ.

When it was all said and done, The results are as follows:
Project Something Special was entered in the Concours Trailered Class and Won the "GOLD" award.
The Orange Blossom Special, or Temporarily nick named the "Red headed step child", as the green car was getting all the attention, was entered in the "Daily Driven Class" and won First Place.
We were stunned. I had to look at the Power Point screen to confirm I heard the announcer right. All our hard work paid off. WOW. Totally worth all the effort.

Jon at Pony Carbs came over and fine tuned Something Special, and BOY does it run great.
Paul, It was nice seeing you again. Just some clarification, The red GT/CS won the first place in the Occasional Driven Class. That is why it had a wrong air cleaner.
We would like to thank everyone here at this site for all of your support during this long road, and I would like to send TWO VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU's to Tim O'Brien (Midnight Special) for his much needed help, Time, and Even Trading Parts from some of his own cars to make this one "PERFECT"!!!!!
and to Paul Newitt, for all his support, Encouragement, and MUCH needed Historical Data, not to mention your help over this stress filled weekend.
Mike and Robinette.

Mike Jewell
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