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When I say "concours", it doesn't necessairily mean "trailered", or the top class. There are many other classes. This particular car did win at a general "concours de elegance" show in Layfayette CA. many years ago, along with a highland green CS, which was beautiful, too. Pictures of these cars are in my 1996 book, in the concours section. Both cars won that day.

Even if it had the optional performance air cleaner--the point loss didn't affect the overall (high) points of the car at the shows it was shown at. It also has Cobra valve covers, which were a dealer option. ALL other details on this car are correct, and there is a high level of accuracy.

(In general) sometimes people think of the (actual) point loss, whether high or low, and then have a strategy for how they show and compete their Mustang. One can look at a MCA point system roster, and determine what they will or will not have on their car. It might not sound "purist", but it is part of the process of showing cars.

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