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Just got back from Killeen. I have a lot of pictures to resize so they won't be posted for a while. I should be able to get the pictures and a report uploaded by tonight.

Basically, we need the Marti report to answer a lot of the questions.

The car is beautiful but it also has minor issues. Here are a few bullet points:
it has the original ugly trunk mat that Scott likes
what seems to be an original AM/FM radio
upholstered quarter trim panels
deluxe interior
both consoles but the upper one was red at one time
Lucas lights
original cardboard taillight protectors
GT exhaust and hub caps
original air conditioning compressor
what seem to be all the original 390 parts
passenger side exhaust leak
tiny rust bubbles in the driver's door
clean, nicely primered, underside
power steering pump grinds - may be low of fluid
Incorrect screws attaching the taillight panel to the body
Driver's scoop recently hit an pulled away from the car
scoops have witness lines

And on and on. I'll write it all up. If anyone wants to talk about it before then call me at (832) 288-4179.

The seller did not receive his Marti report so he won't get it until after the end of the auctions, meaning he will probably re-list the car with the Marti posted.

Here are 2 of my favorite pictures.

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