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GTCS Restoration

I am a first time poster, but my GTCS has been in my family since 1983. I believe it was one of the first lots out the door (consective Unit 142575) with a build date of 2/15/68. It only has a 289 (which actually makes me happy - best engine Ford ever built), but I know that adversly impacts the value.

It is pretty much all original and fully loaded except it only has an AM radio.

I have owned it since 1996 and have only put about 700 miles on it. It has about 96,000 original miles. However, recently a family of mice decided to make their home in my interior and got into my headliner and rear seat foam. As such, I think it is time to consider a restoration project. Problem is, I don't really have the time to do the work.

I have a couple of questions for the experts out there:

1) Does anyone know of any restoration businesses in the Northwest Indiana/Chicago area who would undertake the project, and
2) Does anyone have an idea of the value of the car after the restoration is complete?

One final thought - the car as far as I can tell is immaculate, meaning that the body is perfect, no rust. Engine is in good shape, really just needs cleaned up. Chrome is in very good shape - but would replace mirrors and any other pitted items. So, I suspect much of the car would not be replaced or even need it.

Thanks to all ;-)
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