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Alcapulco Blue GT/CS for Sale: Mint Condition

(Acapulco...not "alcapulco")

I am considering putting this car on Ebay again after the action that I witnessed from two other auctions (red gt/cs and gold gt/cs).

This car has had a nuts to bolts restoration and is in pristine condition. Some things might not seem "original". For instance, I know that the script on the driver side is incorrect. I was unaware of this before it was restored. When I went back to shop where it was painted, they said that was where the mounting holes dictated the script should go, and it could not be fixed otherwise I would have to have the car painted all over again. So..I dunno, but I have seen that mine is not the only car with "incorrect" script on one side or other.

Also, the grill has been outfitted with a stallion and extra chrome trim. The original owner had this added, and when the car was restored, I was asked whether I wanted to keep the stallion on there since it wasn't original and I said, what the heck, it looks cool. But a purist can always take it off.

The car also has an after market a/c and am/fm tape deck (with mustang logo, of course) which were not original.

The car has custom wheels, as well.

And don't get me started on the fog light pedestals. These are the pedestals the car has had at least since 1984 (since it has been with my family), the fog lights are Lucas.

Other than all of that, the car has been restored to its original specifications. It is a 289 c-code with the C4 transmission and correct chrome tail lights. It also has turn signal lights in the hood scoops and as I said, it completely rust free. It has had less than 100 miles put on it since it was restored in 2003 (129000 orig. miles). I have a Marti Report (so no, it's not a clone) and I have a certified appraisal from 2003 that put the car's value at 25000. Before I put it up on Ebay, however, I wanted to throw a line out here to get some feedback on the car and perceived value, etc. Any questions about the car? Anyone interested? Whatever.
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