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460 blocks bring with them a lot of challanges. Yet for the determined they can be overcomed. Crites Restorations has alot of parts for this swap. His headers fit well, but they cause ground clearance challanges. If you want a low stance, speed bumps become out of the question. I would certainly go for aluminum heads and intake to reduce weight. You may want to consider front suspension that will allow "trimming" of the shock towers. My favorite is the "Fat Man" conversion which still distrubutes the cars weight to the firewall like the Ford engineers designed the car to have. The Mustang II conversions force all the weight on the subframes.

If I was you I would stroke the crap out of 351. Aluminum parts. With your tall deck, you can go over 400 cubes easily. Better fit and tons of power. Add a power adder such as a paxton or B&M street charger and YAAAAA BAABBBBBEEE. Chevy stomping power!!!

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