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I made a sorta California Special out of a 1967 six cylinder coupe. Gave it the rear spoiler, but not the tailights. Side scoops and the stripe. Put a spoiler/valance on the front. Then put a 69 hood scoop on it. Of course it had a flat hood. Kinda had the look but not enough to "fool" anyone. Had a 250 cu. in. six, which I put a top loader 4 speed behind. Still ran the four lugs with some slotted mags. Lowered it a couple inches. Silver with black stripes. The 250 six has a lot of beans and it was a blast to drive. Sold it to my brother who enjoyed the crap out of it until his daughter stuffed it in a ditch and bent up the front sub frame. Off it went to part out land. Too bad!!!.

Have a ball and build what you want!!! As the others said be smart and do not mis-represent it. In todays age that could end you up in court!!! Especially with the price of real California Specials!!!

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