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Re:MCA officemanger

Wow, I cannot believe the person was not familiar with our cars. I have been to many MCA shows, and many have one or two California Specials; in talking with the owners of these cars I would have to say I have never heard of the owners experiencing these problems before. Thus, I would hope that what hcsstang experienced is an isolated incident. (I know that does not make it right!) Doug, in terms of the need for judges at MCA events, my understanding is that the shortage is in "late model" judging categories as opposed to classic Mustangs, but I guess each event may be different. I know Doug would make a heckuva 67 and 68 judge...especially if it is Sunlitgold! (Doug is one of the most knowledgable Mustang people I know!) I think what this experience shows us is that we need to consider volunteering our services to judge at MCA shows.
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