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Site Problems with Vista and Internet Explorer 7.0

Is anyone having problems accessing the site with Windows Vista or Internet Explorer 7?

I got a new laptop and I'm having trouble getting to the site. Just this one for the most part.

The site comes up and usually just the header at the top is there. Then after a looooooong time the rest of the site comes up. Then I go to the forums and the same things happens. It's killing me.

I thought it was the Phishing Filter that was added to check on sites that are "phishing" for your info ... like those fake bank, paypal, ebay sites,etc...
So I turned that auto-filtering off but it still happens.

I see the little icon at the bottom of the screen that says the phishing filter is checking the site but like I said even with it off it's happening.

Then every thread I go into does the same thing.

I added the site to my "Trusted Sites" again no luck.

What am I missing?
Is anyone else running into this?


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