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Originally Posted by rvrtrash View Post
That looks like it'll be just too much fun! Are you going to run headers or the stock manifolds? I have Thorley Tri-Y's on mine and love them. When I installed them, I was putting them in from the top and they actually slid through until they hit the garage floor. In other words, easy install.


Good info on the Thorley Tri-Y's.

To answer your question, For the time being, I'm going with the stock exhaust manifolds. (I know I should do just put the headers on now, but it's a funding issue. And I'm anxious to get the CS back on the road soon.) It was 80 degrees here today and it was rough not being able to drive the CS:-)

Also, I figured out that the oil pump pickup was not touching the pan. It was the sound of the pan touching the one-piece gasket that I bought that is sort of a rubberized outer with a metal inner and around the bolt holes. It resonated in a way that I swore was the sound of the pickup touching the pan. As a sanity test, I measured the depth of the pan from the lip to the deep part of the sump and also the height of the pickup from the block...plenty of room.


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