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Oil Pump Pickup/Pan clearance issue Technical Assistance

Hi All,

I'm in the process of assembling my new long block 347.

One issue that is concerning me in this assembly process- The oil pan "slightly" touches the oil pump pickup assembly when dry fitting the pan (with the oil pan gasket in place). I can hear it touching when I set the pan in place.
I read somewhere that the clearance should be between the pan and pickup should be 1/4" to 3/8" (not sure if this was for Ford or in general)

Does anyone know if this is correct for a 302 block? Should it sit right on the bottom of the pan? The logical answer to me would be to have a slight gap between the pan and pickup.

I've put both the original pump and pickup from my old engine, as well as the new pump and pickup on (Using the same pan from my old engine). They fit the same. The pickup is sitting right against the bottom of the pan in both cases. Functionally, it worked fine in my old 302 engine.

Will put some pics of the engine up soon, too.

Thanks, Jeff

Jeff Miller-
1968 Tahoe Turquoise GT/CS
2007 Black GT/CS Coupe
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