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Originally Posted by gtcs1 View Post
What about the casting date on mine 7-67. That's as long period. Could it be someone changed it during its life, used a 67 carb and reinstalled the original tag?

What is the difference beteween a manual and auto trans carb, so I can check pictures I took of mine and really say which one it is?

Hold on, I had to edit. While rereading your original post, I realized that I made an error. Tag is right, carb is wrong. Duh!

I was eluding to the fact that the parts are mixed up in those carburetor rebuild mills and the assemblers use what is handy or on top of the core piles.
One original carburetor's parts could be mixed onto 20-30 different carburetors.

Your base is from either a very late 1967, or early 1968 carburetor.
Very common to have carburetors with mismatched parts after nearly 40 years.

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