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Originally Posted by CougarCJ View Post
Call them back.
They made a mistake.
I have a copy of the Ford Carburetor Guide written and printed by Pony Carburetors.
C8ZF-G is correct for an automatic.
C 8A 2 date is 2nd day January, 1968.

Likely the original carburetor, expecially if the tag is still affixed to the top.

Between Cougars and Mustangs there would have been 214,420 C8ZF-G carburetors made for 1968. @17,800 per month, I would not be surprised if the inventories were not rotated FIFO, in any of the 3 plants. (first in, first out)

FYI C8AF-AK is for the manual transmissions.
What about the casting date on mine 7-67. That's as long period. Could it be someone changed it during its life, used a 67 carb and reinstalled the original tag?

What is the difference beteween a manual and auto trans carb, so I can check pictures I took of mine and really say which one it is?


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