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I have a copy of the Ford Carburetor Guide written and printed by Pony Carburetors.
C8ZF-G is correct for an automatic.
C 8A 2 date is 2nd day January, 1968.

It is highly possible that the base has a different number if it was ever sent out for a rebuild. Most often, carburetors were exchanged, someone may have had the foresite to keep the tag and put it onto the 'replacement' carburetor to keep the car original.

FYI C8AF-AK is for the manual transmissions.

It is very common in the rebuilding shops to pull parts from the bins for reassembly. They have many carb bodies and tops, floats, screws, valves, metering rods, etc. Everything gets mixed up and reassembled for what is needed for orders. Your manual transmission numbered base most likely has the automatic kickdown linkage.
Ask Pony Carburetors to renumber your base. I have heard that they have more rare carburetors coming out of their shop than they receive.

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