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CARB IDENT, help required


I sent my carb to Pony Carb for a concours rebuild. I got a call from them today for an estimate.

They told me my carb wasn't the original; big disspointment for me. The carb is a 2100 Autolite with an ID tag that says C8ZF G with C 8A 2. They say the tag is wrong for my car. My car is a V8 289 2V Auto trans. Also there is a date underneath the main body casted in 7-67, is this period correct, with such an early date for an April 1968 car build date?

They tell me this carb is for a manual trans car and has the incorrect tag ID.

My car is all original, so I'm a bit surprised about this. With 58,000 miles, I'm bit surprised someone would have changed the carb?

Anyone expert on carb Tag ID to tell me if statement seems correct. If it is the wrong carb, what about the fact this is for the wrong transmission, what's the difference? I don't want to second guess PonyCarb, but the fact I thought I had the original carb makes me wonder.

Thanks for your help

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