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........ I could swear I read somewhere about the passenger shock tower was used ocassionally? Anyone confirm a original that had it there?
Looked through the 250-300 different San Jose 68 Mustangs I have pictures of and could not find a single one on the passenger side. Currently have about 11,000 pictures of specific cars and another 9,000 of individual parts

Of course ones built in any time other than the spring would not be great references for Calif Specials ;)

You can find at times, NJ cars with the decal on the passenger side..... wonder if some people (assembly plants are not often listed in articles) would see magazine articles with the decal there and assume that it was done at all factories. Done for just about every other detail on these cars ;) At NJ you often find them also on the drivers side shock tower turned on their side (about a third of the time which might indicate a single workers style/practice).

Only thing I found there on the passenger side ( a few times) was the decal that came on the KAR kit (retrofit emissions kit sold at smog stations). Other times they slapped in on the snorkel

BTW I thought this was an interesting way one owner placed the CAUTION FAN decal that Ford sent him in the mail - or the service department placed on the ar. Apparently the shroud was already removed never had one or damaged so they had to put it somewhere :)

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