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Getting a head start on sections for Paul's book aren't we ;)

Battery Test OK Decal - Should be the black print one rather than the blue one IMHO

Service Specification Decal - Drivers side shock tower

Cubic Inch decal - outer raised area of air cleaner lid

AutoLite Sparkplug Air cleaner decal - Not typical on a later 68 San Jose car

Emission Tune-Up Decal (302-351) - Drivers side valve cover

Air Cleaner Service Instruction Decal - On air cleaner base - drivers side

Most are visible in the picture below


Air Cleaner Front Decal - Not original to our cars

Caution Fan Decal - not original

Coil Decal - Better would be the correct ink stamp as decals were never used and the decal you got has a 1970 date on it

Voltage Regulator Decal - originally an ink stamp one also. Think AMK is selling the stamped lids

Door Tire pressure decal - Believe it goes in the glove box. Door jamb application of this type of decal started in 69

Jacking instructions decal - though found in a couple of odd spots on a few original cars (drivers side wheel housing and under the spare on the trunk floor) majority were as follows- Passenger side of the trunk lid when open

Trunk Lid Certification Decal - Passenger side of the trunk lid when open. More often lower (on the flat area inside the triangle on the passenger side ) than where it ended up on this original car.

Jack Decal - On the long lowest (as you look at it) arm on the jack assembly

Rear Gravel Pan Tie Down Decal - Under the rear lic plate location
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