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You can often find variations in the engine parts (painted at the suppliers not at the car or engine plants) and variations between plants such as Windsor and the FE plants. IMHO as long as the judge looks at it and does not immediately identify it as the wrong color you will be fine.

Originally Posted by ViCatz View Post
The steering linkages were painted downward and therefore no paint made it to bottom of steering linkages.
Its common to over restore these areas.
Don't know where you came up with that "fact"

Steering linkage was installed after all painted was completed (second half of the build) so there would be no paint on it what so ever. At best we can find some examples where overspray of sound deadener got on some of the outer tie rods but only because that was applied after fenders were installed.

All steering linkage should be restored to look like bare heat treated steel. Organizations like MCA do allow cars in some classes to paint these parts but the paint must look like the original bare metal finish when done. Identification and inspector marks were applied with brushes or spray in these areas but were applied where the parts were made not at the Ford car assembly plant
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