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Re:Question about 1966 Timberline Green Paint.

Do you have any portion of the vehicle that still has good original paint on it (quarter extension/headlight trim ring)?
Unfortunately the car was painted in the eighties in a different shade of green (you canít tell from the pictures that it is not Timberline Green). When you open the doors the color difference becomes evident.

As for having the color analyzed optically, is really not an option as only Dupont has an analyzer and they say it is not accurate enough to differentiate rare and hard to mix shades. The only other option is to send a part of the car to Europe and have them analyze it in a more precise analyzer, but I donít have a part in the correct shade to send.

What I was hoping to hear are your stories telling me how easy it is to walk into a Dupont or PPG service center in the US and having them mix the color while you wait, but maybe that is not possible?? ???
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