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The GT/CS Book Update (hopeful?)

I wanted to give you an update on the book, and it's (hopeful) production by this summer.

Behind the scenes from this website, I have been working hard on developing a very comprehensive book on not only the 1968 GT/CS, but also on the the 2007-2008 version GT/CS.

I have decided to go for an exclusive-looking book, with a few extra items that I think you'll like. At present, I hope to have a hard cover, 200 page book, with some pages in color. The GT/CS logo will embossed into the cover. I am trying to get a tote bag for the book, two decals (one is the original gold version, and a new 40th Anniv. decal), and a key fob (I have a promotions-items company working with me, but I'm open to other suppliers at this time. Attn: Tim). The retail cost per book, with the "trinkets" included will be $99 each, plus shipping.

Since the Mustang trademark issue with Ford legal has been so prominent (i.e. stores changing their name); I decided that I should approach them for a license to make the book and other related items. By having this license, it will open doors for future work of mine, and possibly, access to their archives. Handfulls of GT/CS items are unnoticed, but a book like this would require the proper agreements. Ford trademarked the GT/CS name in Jan 2006.

What this means is that I will have to pay a "good faith" advance royalty fee to Ford, which is a few thousand dollars. The printing of the book, and other items will also cost "several thousand dollars".

So--as determined as I am to complete this project, I will need some support. In about two weeks, I will be sending out a letter asking whether you would be interested in a book (or more than one), and if you would like to make a "reservation". No money is involved, just a note asking to be put on a priority list to get a "low-numbered" and signed book. I will be saving the first 100 (or so) books for myself to sell years later on EBAY. The letters I receive by mail will be accumulated by postmark date, and given a book number in that order. More than one by the same postmark will be selected alphabetically by last name. Note: please do not PM or e-mail me here, by U.S. Mail only).

I will need to know if I have interest in (by reservations only--no money sent) at least 300 books to proceed with this venture. This is why I am doing this mass mailing to all of you in about two weeks.

At the same time, I could mention the Grass Valley Air Show, the Picnic at the Jewell's, and a potential HCS BBQ in Colorado. This would cover over 600-700 folks on my list. This mailing will also determine the status of ownership, cars bought and/or sold, bad addresses, etc.


Send an SASE to me at: Paul M. Newitt, P.O. Box 2245, Davis, CA 95617
If you sent in a registration for your GT/CS (within the past several years), you are already on my list. I'm still accepting registry information, so please "snail mail" me your car's info (and photos on CD) withing the next few weeks, since the Registry is now coming together. Car and owner information has been organized, filed and identified recently, and getting ready to compile into a database.

I'm hoping to get the book together ASAP, around my other (bill paying) work. My target date is "before July", but I'll know more about a specific date soon (printer production schedules, making items; and receiving production info on the 2008 GT/CS).

Thank You for your support.

Paul M. Newitt
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